Welcoming a New Year

This past year was a bit of a rollercoaster.  About two years ago I felt my life was truly perfect and it scared me.  I felt that it couldn’t stay that way forever and I was right.  However, I’ve come to find that what you think of, you attract. So in some way I almost brought in that wave of challenges, thankfully I didn’t drown in it.

My biggest learning experience this past year was getting over myself.  I had to let go of the past and things that were holding me back from continuing my future.  I had to accept what cannot be and what I cannot change and instead focus on what I have power over. I learned to stop comparing myself to other people, your journey is your own and you must learn to embrace it if you are to enjoy it. Continue reading


My undeclared hiatus

My life took a bunch of crazy twists and turns over the past year. I started a business. My husband lost his job. We moved (in with my mother!). My daughter started first grade in an English/Spanish dual immersion program. We gained full custody of my step daughter. I decided to get serious about my fitness. Those are the main things and I will elaborate further in upcoming posts. First, I need to apologize for my absence.  I think through the difficulty of having my husband, our head of household, become unemployed put me through a whirlwind of emotions.  It is one of the most humbling experiences to be forced into abruptly living below your means when your means are suddenly none.