Breakfast and Oats

Breakfast is not my strong suit. In the past, I would have much rather slept in and skip into lunch than get up at a reasonable hour and eat breakfast.

The health and weight loss benefits of eating a good breakfast outweighed my laziness: more energy, increased metabolism, more balanced sugar levels, lower cholesterol, better memory… I could go on and on. So now I get up and put something in my belly. Every day. No excuses.

Now, I have a problem with creativity in the kitchen especially in the morning hours. So I have a few morning staples that I rotate and change up so I don’t get bored of eating the same thing all the time.

My most versatile recipe is breakfast oats. I use instant oatmeal but rolled oats are truly best for you since they have no additives. If you aren’t a fan of oatmeal texture, give ‘Coach’s Oats’ a try… They’re steel cut and toasted so they have a much better texture and more flavor than standard oatmeal.

I cook my oats in water to save calories for the stuff I put on top. I don’t sweeten with actual sugar most of the time, but I’ll use organic coconut sugar here and there. Continue reading